Letters to Lustmoth Vol. 2

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My Dear Lustmoth,

I am deeply concerned over your recent correspondence.  My last communication in no way should have been taken as a license to withdrawal from the patient.  I have forgotten that fresh recruits straight out of the Basic School sometimes mistake a momentary feeling of security for success.  My dear unseasoned disciple, there is no success until the squirming little human is safely in our master’s domain.  Your foolish mistake has allowed the boy to communicate with a scholarly member of the Enemy’s legion.  My last words to you were to keep your patient away from such men as these.  There are so few in this area but you somehow allowed the boy to enroll in the one class that had one of these detestable creatures as its instructor.  You must seek to guide his thoughts more carefully and use all available devices to block him from such decisions if he continues to ignore your thought insertions.

Well, all is done.  The patient, I presume from your letter, is now asking some deep questions about the nature of life and the after life.  What you saw as a harmless conversation about the execution of one of our more responsive human patients turned into a prospective nightmare.  Yes, there is joy for our Father and our brethren when one so corrupted is sent straight into our hands by those who have felt the physical and emotional work we have done through him.  It is nice to see people so far from the actual situation so hardened and burdened by such a masterpiece of destruction.  Not only did we consume the young patient but we in turn consumed many others through his violent reaction to our prodding.  If that was the end of the whole affair it would have been worth it but to then feed on all the delicious hatred, unforgiveness, bitterness, and pure unadulterated pain, is truly a filthy treat.  What’s even more delightful is that we have influential entertainers in this world that actually promote the furthering of pain and destruction in their own “artistic” way.  I must confess that I feel somewhat threatened for my job sometimes because of the creative deviousness of some of these “stars”.  But then again they are what they are because of the many laborious centuries of our master.  We are successfully turning execution into a spectator sport once again and we have influenced this present culture of theirs so much that hedonism and rebellion are being accepted as the new societal standard for moral living.  The annoying little vermin are becoming even more sadistic than some of our weaker brothers.  But none the less I have not forgotten my displeasure with you.

Despite all the aforementioned joy received from the topic of one man’s execution you allowed your patient to get caught in a debate over the afterlife with the Enemy’s proselyte before we had time to securely develop a lie in the patient’s mind on this issue.  Do not mistake ignorance for deception.  Even though the rodent seamed fooled, he actually had just never been squarely confronted with the controversy.  Our work of brain infiltration is a slow and tedious task at times and must be watched over with the composure of a seasoned tempter.  You must remember that a man’s strengths are usually his weaknesses.  For instance, your patient is an intellectual that ponders as much as he sees and therefore calculates the cost of things much easier then say a person who is inclined to act first and think later.  You should probably lure him with an attractive tidbit of knowledge.  Dangle some newly talked about philosophy in front of his curious ego and then slowly draw him along.  As he begins to become more and more comfortable with the idea, aided by the coercing of influential friends, he will begin to incorporate them into his own perspective on life.  Once a deceptive philosophy, such as hedonism, is ingrained into the young man’s mind you can then slowly introduce the various manipulations of what the Enemy created to be pleasurable for the simple creatures.  Though it is of great pleasure to watch the bags of flesh run after a buffet of perverted activities, it is far more important to lay the foundation of a long term deception before we proceed with temptations of the more physical nature.

Since that topic of the death penalty is already on your patient’s mind try to steer his thinking in the direction of activism against it or for it.  If we can keep his mind on some “great cause” rather than on his own mortality then we have furthered our endeavor to deceive the young fool.  Either way you take him on the issue is good for us, as long as you keep him from the pathetic lie, which the Enemy propagates, called love.  We are fairly safe on this point because the Enemy has not yet gotten his tentacles into your prey, meaning the child will not have much of an idea of what the enemy really means by this idea of love.  I expect better news in your next report.  Too many failures have caused many a feeble fallen angel to be consumed by the wiser ones.  Watch yourself and your patient carefully.

Your loyal mentor,



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