My Heart’s Compelled to Sing; Ephesians 5:18-20

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I’ve been convicted recently that I am limiting my response to God to I’m comfortable with, to what comes easy. I’ve recently been reading through John with the gathering of believers that meets in my home, and I am amazed at the way the Lord led John to write such beautifully constructed narratives concerning our Lord. I also considered the fact that our gatherings haven’t had much song to them and that we have to depend on the songs of others. I love the songs that others sing, but I don’t want to be dependent on them. I want to allow space in my heart and mind for the Spirit to guide me in creating songs of thanksgiving to my God, even if they are not as clever or musical as those produced by others. I want to encourage you all today to all God to form songs in your heart that bless His name and bless those around you. This is one that came to my heart this morning:

The Wedding Feast

We march on to a wedding feast
Set for us in the midst of peace
We drink the cup that overflows
And taste the joy our savior knows
We’re mindful of our lowly place
Of his mercy, and his grace
We smell the sweetness of his Love
And raise our eyes to our Lord above
He is our cup, he is our life
He is our Lord, we are his bride
Water flows into rich wine
All his goodness shown in signs
All our worries come to none
As we watch what the Lord has done
The bread is broken for our hearts
The Spirit within will not depart
Take courage in this broken land
The wedding feast is near at hand
He is our cup, he is our life
He is our Lord, we are his bride



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