Single and satisfied.

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Trent Anthony is currently living out a life of singleness in a way that I have great respect for. He’s got wise words for the church on this relevant issue.


crowd-of-happy-people-web1Singles are everywhere. They work with you, they sit next to you in church, they come to your house for small group meetings, you hang out with them for lunch… are their lives meaningless because they just haven’t found that special someone yet? Are they incomplete people until the Lord provides them a spouse? What if he never does?

Singles are not incomplete people.

Singles are neither incomplete nor halves of an eventual whole. In the beginning, God created man and woman, in part to provide Adam (and Eve) with an intimate marital relationship that glorified himself. Marriage is a wonderful way to express the community God experiences within the trinity, and marriage can act like God’s telescope for Christ’s relationship to the church, his people (see Genesis 1-2 and Ephesians 5). But reading Adam and Eve’s story that way misses an even grander picture.

God’s provision of Eve to Adam…

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