Ashlee Glen’s Lens of Grace, Gifts, and Gratitude

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“This season of life has been such a blessing for us…even though our future seems unsure, wild and crazy things continue to happen through the hands of many of you in our community, near and far. Yesterday, I was prepping for taking some photos for some friends, and if you know me, you know I only use vintage lenses cause the quality is good and they’re cheap, but slow. Whenever I’ve needed to use a faster lens, I’d often borrow one from a friend rather than spend big cash for one of my own. Since we’re in a new town, presently there isn’t any borrowing of fast lenses. 3 hours before I was supposed to head to the location, a gift from a friend arrived in the mail. A 2k auto, non-vintage lens. WHO DOES THIS???? Our mail is usually late on Fridays, but it wasn’t yesterday. Gratitude seems an inadequate descriptor of what is in my heart. I feel seen by a God who loves and cares for me…gifting things through the hands of normal people, gifts that are extravagant, gifts that we do not deserve.

I feel compelled to share, if you’re feeling like you’re in an impossible situation, there is One who holds all possibilities, who cares for you and may be walking you slowly down a road you didn’t expect, wanting to use you in circumstances that aren’t your choice. Though you may not see His hand, it is there. If you’re feeling inadequate, that’s ok, you probably are, but He is not.”

Ashlee Glen

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