Book(s) to Note – The Gospel for Life Series Ed. by Russell Moore & Andrew T. Walker

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I’m looking forward to the checking out this book series, which will surely be an edifying addition to the Christian Living cupboard. I have great appreciation for the testimony, writing, and scholarship of Dr. Moore, and Mr. Walker is an able mind in the field of ethics.

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In June B&H began The Gospel for Life Series, edited by Russell Moore and Andrew Walker, which connects the gospel message with everyday life issues. Both Moore and Walker serve at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention and, Moore especially, have written and spoken extensively on gospel responses to the ethical issues Christian’s face.

gospel-and-religious-libertyThe books are structured around answering five questions: What are we for?, What does the gospel say?, How should the Christian live?, How should the church engage?, What does the culture say? For example, in answering What are we for?, the authors all begin in Genesis with creation. This starting point intentionally grounds all discussion within the framework of creation which is the beginning of the biblical story line of creation, fall, redemption, and re-creation/consummation. This creation starting point helps us to see God’s intention within these various issues and in…

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