Goals for 2012

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Goal List for 2012

I must admit that 2011 came and went without much thought of things that I wanted to accomplish. However, it might have been my most productive year ever. I finished my last two graduate courses for my MA. I wrote a 140 page thesis in 6 weeks. I presented a paper at an academic conference for the first time. I obtained a job teaching at two local colleges. And, most importantly, I fathered my fourth daughter. Although 2011 most certainly was a very challenging year for us as a family and for me as an individual, we count ourselves greatly blessed by God. Ashlee and I learned more about ourselves and our family and we became even closer to each other and our daughters. All that said, there is something gratifying about laying down some goals at the beginning of a year. So here I go (These are not in order of importance):

  1. Run a ½ marathon or Trail Race
  2. Get down to 185lbs….and stay there
  3. Get a full time teaching job at a college
  4. Begin to learn French
  5. Take the GRE in preparation for applying for PhD programs in the coming years
  6. Read the Bible more
  7. Spend significantly more time in prayer time with my family
  8. Read to the girls at least once a week
  9. Go on a date with Ashlee at least once every two months
  10. Go on a date with one of my daughters at least once a month
  11. Change more diapers
  12. Present a paper at an academic conference
  13. Begin formatting and editing my thesis for publication
  14. Meet with at least two students a week for 30 or more min outside of class discussing life’s concerns.
  15. Continue to die to myself…day, after day, after day.

Hopefully in and through all these things I will become more like Christ. If I obtain further likeness to my savior but reach none of the above goals….I will still be the better man. Please feel free to question me concerning these 15 items throughout the year. Also share your own goals so that I might share in your hope and joy as well.

In Christ, J. Truett Glen


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