Screening your Life: Social Media and Relationships

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Screening your Life: Social Media and Relationships

I spoke in chapel this semester at Bryan College on the topic of Christians and social media. There are two videos that I showed during the presentation. The first is a YouTube video about the over use of smart phones by charstarleneTV called “I Forgot My Phone.” The second video was the trailer to the new movie “Her.” I’m indebted to a lot of researchers for the information I gleaned, but I especially pulled from Sherry Turkle. I pulled several quotes from her Ted Talk: “Connected, but alone?


  1. I was able to spend some time conversing over email with Sherry Turkle after her TED talk. I’ve been writing on this idea of technology and the psychic distance that it puts between the participants for a few years now and I find it totally fascinating. To get to the crux of the issue, my real interest lies in how future generations will craft both romantic and platonic relationships, deal with the complexities of a varied work environment, connect with each other spiritually, etc. when the unspoken and symbolic interactions that we rely on for human connectivity become disembodied. Pretty wild stuff.

    1. Yep, that same stuff is driving a lot of my interest as well. I look forward to our next random meeting, where we will get to have great conversation about this stuff 🙂 If you guys would ever consider driving up to Dayton, we would love to have you up sometime.

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